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General Oveview

HEALTA is healthcare services administrator

HEALTA is solution for companies (Insurance and Self-insured) who need a services from third party to managed their healthcare expenses and claim processing.

HEALTA is a services that provide by NTT DATA Indonesia who had been partnership with more than 2.000 healthcare providers (hospital and clinics) in Indonesia and oversea.

Features of Services


Claim processing

Handle the full process of claim (including reimbursement) from: claim document authenticity verification, claim assessment and checking.


Membership card & Cashless

Provide membership card and cashless services that can be use by beneficiaries or employee in more than 2000 healthcare providers (hospitals and clinics) in dosmectic and oversea.


24/7 Call Center Support

Provide 24 hours a day and 7 days a weeks call center support to beneficiaries and providers. 


Fund monitoring & Payment

Provide deposit or fund usage monitoring, and claim payment to healthcare providers and beneficiaries.



Provide regular claim and payment reports in varian type of format that can be download or access via email or online. 


Personal Mobile Applications

Provide personal application that can be installed in mobile device for beneficiaries or employee who need to monitor their personal usage, claim and payment.

There are benefits that you can get when using HEALTA Services


Cost Saving

HEALTA can help you to saving healthcare cost as following:

Reduce fraud

Most of fake (not authentic) claim had been detected by HEALTA. The HEALTA fraud detection had been reducing payment on not entitled bill.

Reduce error

More accurate in claim assessment. HEALTA claim analyst had been help to reduced payment on claim not eligible of health benefit schema plan

Reduce payment fee

No transfer fee charged for claim payment transfer

Reduce operating cost

No need provide manpower and system infrastructure to handling healthcare claim and payment


Budget control & monitor

HEALTA can help you to control and monitor healthcare cost to ensure not exceed the healthcare budget.

Health benefit plan with cost containment

With apply better healthcare benefit schema plan that has balanced the needs of healthcare and budget. Its has been made easier to control and monitor the healthcare budget spending

Easy access reporting

With the adequate claim reporting that provide by HEALTA to all stakeholder. It has make more transparent and easy to control and monitor the healthcare budget usage.

Beneficiaries or Employee Satisfaction

HEALTA provides the easiness and 24/7 helpdesk support to beneficiaries or employee needs


With cashless service, beneficiaries or employee no need pay in advance to healthcare provider, and no need to claim reimburse to the company or insurance.


Call center service that can be access 24/7 by beneficiaries or employee for get assist when admission or get trouble in hospital or clinic.

Update anytime

With the mobile application, employee can more easy to monitor the medical expense. Its has been help to reduce payment excess


Cashless Service

Play the video to see how beneficiaries or employee could enjoy the HEALTA's cashless service when they get treatment in Hospital, and also see how they can get notification about the claim and monitor the usage by using their mobile device.

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